Bob Marley — Oh My Darling

2009, Регги

Альбом: Reggae Anthology: Melody Life (2009 г.)
Дата релиза: 2009-03-16
Жанр: Регги
Длительность: 02:53
Формат: mp3

Слова песни Bob Marley — Oh My Darling

oh my darling i was so lonely
searching for you and for you only
oh my darling i love you so
i love, i love you so
oh my darling my love is true
longing in for you
no one eles will do
oh my darling i love you so
tell me your unfinished story woman…
when i first saw you dear
i knew you were alone
i said to myself that i’d make you my own
i tell you something
your brother caught us kissing dear
i thought he would surely tell
until he starts a ringing those wedding bells
i tell you
now my darling, i’m yours forever
dont ever leave me
oh my darling i love you so
i love you so
do you realy mean it baby?
I love you so
you make all of my dreams come true
i love you so