Bob Marley — No Water

2011, Регги

Альбом: Kaya (2011 г.)
Дата релиза: 2006-05-09
Жанр: Регги
Длительность: 02:10
Формат: mp3

Слова песни Bob Marley — No Water

No water can quench my thirst
I’m in bed, send me a nurse
I’m thirsty, thirsty Lord o' Mercy
Ooh we, what other bottle, sweeter the victory
I’ve got your love, the power of your glory
Ah, ooh we yeah, trillin' me, all right
Can’t judge a mother by the skin of the father
Can’t judge a book by the skin of the cover
Read me, read me, baby
(I'm gone)
No water can quench thirst
I’m in bed, need a nurse
Can you understand
Do you understand me, baby
I’ve got a bottle, sweet the victory
I’ve got your love, power of your glory
Ah, ooh we, all right
You’ve got your love, I’ve got mine
Workin' together, they work fine
Do you believe me, baby
Get it up, baby
Break it back, turn it loose
What in heaven baby, it got to choose